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Posted in Uncategorized by Ulla Lauridsen on 21. marts 2012

fra Steven Pressfields seneste blogindlæg i serien ‘Writing Wednesdays’:

“Keep working,” he said. “Don’t turn anything down. Porn flicks, slasher movies, free stuff for friends. Don’t get precious. You’re young, you’re learning. Keep working.”

He cited three reasons:

“One, working means you’re getting paid. I know I’m giving you bupkus on this job. But it’s money, it’s validation. Every buck means you’re a working pro, you’re toiling in your chosen field.

“Two, when you work, you learn. Everybody has something to teach you. A grip will show you something about lighting, an editor will drop some pearl about what to keep and what to cut. Even actors know something.

“Three, you’re making friends. Some kid who’s schlepping coffee today may be a producer tomorrow. An actress you run lines with may hire you for a rewrite five years from now. Who knows, you might even get laid.”


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