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Posted in Uncategorized by Ulla Lauridsen on 1. maj 2012

Seth Godin er ikke så tosset. Men jeg har stadig ikke regnet ud, hvordan man skal ‘Gøre som Google’ og tjene penge på bøger uden at tage penge for dem.

Music is pirated because many people have an insatiable urge to listen to music, all the time, preferably with unlimited variety. And radio taught us that music to be listened to doesn’t cost money.

But books?

Books are free at the library but there’s no line out the door. Books are free to read in comfortable couches at Barnes & Noble but there aren’t teeming crowds sitting around reading all day.

Books take a long time to read, require a significant commitment, and they’re relatively cheap. And most people don’t read for fun. Most of the inputs necessary for a vibrant piracy community are missing.

As Tim O’Reilly famously said, books don’t have a piracy problem. They have an obscurity problem.


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