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Posted in Uncategorized by Ulla Lauridsen on 25. januar 2014

Jeg sagde det jo (for et par år siden), her:

Med e-bogen bliver det igen relevant at udgive kortere værker, som det i en periode har været svært at få økonomi i at trykke som papirbog:

The short novel in particular is experiencing something of a renaissance, and to encourage this, Manchester Metropolitan University has launched a new Novella Prize specifically for works published as e-books. Short stories, you might think, should appeal to those who say they have little time to read. They used to do so. A hundred years ago, and indeed into the mid-20th century, there were lots of magazines that regularly published short stories, both in Britain and America. Authors such as Kipling, Wodehouse, Somerset Maugham, F Scott Fitzgerald, H E Bates and John Cheever were not only masters of the genre, but did very well out of it. Then the market dried up. The magazines folded, or, if they survived, published fewer and fewer stories. Consequently, though young authors often sensibly begin by writing short stories, they have for a long time found that they earned little from them, and turned to other forms. This is natural. Authors do respond to the market. As Maugham himself observed, when there is a demand for verse dramas in five acts, authors will be found to supply it. When there is no such demand, they write something else. Only a fool batters his head against a brick wall.


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  1. Jesper T said, on 26. januar 2014 at 20:14

    Wodehouse indeed!!! ;)

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